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Welcome to the Okeford Hill Bike Park!!

The Past Year

Since we took over the park last year, we've held 4 successful races on HSE, Darkside, a franken line which was a mixture of Devil's Dike and Darkside and our latest race which was a reverse franken line using the start of Darkside and finishing on Devil’s Dike with the addition of a few new drops a road gap.

 We’ve also contended with the issues of having the forestry filling their thinning order for the woods just after we had our first race back in the spring, after tidying up after that we cleared as many of the original tracks as possible and started work on Darkside which is our most technical run.

We’re still finding old lines from when the park was open last time and with a bit blood sweat and tears we’ll clear those and get them rideable again soon. But most importantly we’ve built a great relationship with all of you guys who come and spend your well earned money at our park for which we are hugely grateful for, because without you guys we wouldn't be here now!

The Future

We’re planning on building a skills area at the top in the near future for coaching days as well as for you guys to practice on. The hut is also having a facelift to become our new cafe/shop for refreshments and spares if you need them.

We’re also in talks with the forestry commission about extending the park so we can put a cross country/enduro climb in on the other side of the woods that’ll bring you back to the hut and if we are granted permission that means that there will be a more family friendly route put in. that will also be able to accommodate hand bikes and buggies  

Once we have enough spare money we’ll also be rebuilding the bridge that connected Wiggly Woo to the start of Big Grin to save having to cross the uplift track and make navigating the park a bit easier.

Right - the important stuff...

Day pass to ride will be £5, this is to be paid on the day, you will receive a coloured/dated tag for your bike.  

Uplift Pass £25 per day (£15 half day) payable to the driver or cabin staff.

Race entry will be via British Cycling and will cost £35 and the race entry on the day is £45, which includes uplift for the day.

Facilities - there is a toilet on site at all times (locked when the site is closed), and for race days there will be food available. There will also be a first aid trained person on site whenever we are open for riding or digging.

This is a great venue with some skill challenging steepness and years of previous development. It has potential to come back even better than ever.